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Design Group operates from 45+ offices in the US and India providing engineering, consulting, and technical services to the world’s leading companies in the Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Advanced Technology, Industrial, and other market sectors.  Our nearly 1500 technical and engineering experts have direct industry experience in industrial automation, control system integration, facility and process engineering, architecture, construction management, regulatory compliance, enterprise technology, and other consulting services.

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  • Validation and Engineering Services

    Bag in Box Line and Foam/Gel Puck Line Validation

    Validation and Engineering Services for Bag in Box (BIB) Line and Foam/Gel Puck Line
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  • process-cake-mixing

    Cake Mixing and Ingredient Upgrade

    Whole and white egg handing and CIP systems

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  • Capacity Expansion and New Product Introduction Projects

    Capacity Expansion and New Product Introduction Projects

    Design Group supports industry-leading beverage producers with upgrades to their existing production systems to expand capacity, increase flexibility and improve OEE.
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  • reg-comp-cap-ex-vaccines

    Capacity Expansion for Vaccine Production Facility

    Capacity Expansion, new, ground up, full scale vaccine production facility
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  • fs-cat-litter

    Cat Litter Line Expansion

    Provided total integrated solution involving facility, process, packaging and controls engineering and construction management services for a new Cat Litter Line.

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  • Cell Gene Therapy CQV Support picture

    Cell & Gene Therapy Facility CQV Support

    Project Management support, commissioning, qualification and validation services supporting Cell Gene Therapy Clinical manufacturing facility.
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  • Regulatory Compliance - Process Development_cGMP Compliance Remediation

    cGMP Compliance Remediation

    Evaluation of business and production practices for a cosmetics manufacturer to develop a joint action plan for 483 remediation to conform to cGMP. 
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  • reg-comp-commissioning-qual-relo

    Commissioning, Qualification, and Relocation

    Plan, organize and manage the commissioning, qualification, and release of new production areas following completion of construction and relocation activities.

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  • Data Integrity Assessments

    Computerized Laboratory System Data Integrity Assessments

    Achieve and improve alignment with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Eudralex Annex 11 requirements of compliance for site laboratory and manufacturing equipment.
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  • BizTalk Support

    Consulting Services – MS BizTalk Support

    Develop BizTalk interfaces helping client to provide comprehensive outpatient diagnostic and interventional radiology services
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  • Continuous Manufacturing

    Continuous Manufacturing

    Commissioning and Qualification of all utilities and equipment that convert a traditional batch process to continuous, single-use.
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  • process-ethanol

    Ethanol Based Ingredients

    Installation of over 500 feet of piping and equipment to allow for receiving a new 90% ethanol based ingredient (E1) that is to be used in a new product.
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  • Expansion of Commercial Scale Purification Suite Approved Picture

    Expansion of Commercial Scale Purification Suite

    Capital Project CQV Support for monoclonal antibody manufacturing facility purification suite.
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  • Food Packaging Engineering

    Food Packaging Engineering

    Design Group support for Food Industry packaging projects spans 20 years and a variety of products, services and applications.
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  • Food Processing Plant Server and Network Upgrade

    Food Processing Plant Server and Network Upgrade

    Upgrading plant controls network, leveraging Rockwell Industrial Data Center (IDC) for Rockwell software and the installation of thin clients for operator workstations and quality data entry.

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  • shutterstock_415797850-_medium_

    Greenfield Wine Production Facility

    New 660,000 square foot wine production facility, including a 260,000 square foot warehouse and 400,000 square foot warehouse.
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  • pack-high-speed-bev

    High Speed Beverage Lines

    Design Group delivers extensive experience in the design, integration and implementation of new beverage lines.
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  • pack-high-speed-dosage

    High Speed Solid Dosage Filling and Packaging Lines

    Design Group delivers integrated turnkey solid dosage lines for major pharmaceutical manufacturers on expedited schedules.
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  • pack-home-personal-care

    Home, Personal Care, and House Products

    Design Group offers a wide-range of engineering services to the home, personal care, and household products industries.
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  • Implementation of Infor CloudSuite Industrial

    Implementation of Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP

    Implementation of Infor CloudSuite Industrial for a client that machines and assembles complex aerospace parts who needed an ERP system to address scheduling, capacity planning, materials, BOM structuring, and the management of Human Resources.
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  • Ready to Eat Meals

    Implementing Lean across Manufacturing for an MRE Producer

    Lean implementation to reduce inventory, improve throughput and reduce rework.
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  • Industrial Automation Network Design

    Industrial Automation Network Design

    Industrial Automation Network Design

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  • Fastening Tools

    Infor XA Application Managed Services for Fastening Tools Company

    Provide support on Infor XA Applications, Upgrades, and develop custom add-ons to support business needs.
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  • Lighting Solutions

    Infor XA Application Managed Services for Lighting Solutions Company

    Provide support on Infor XA Applications, Upgrades, Monitor Scheduled Jobs, and develop custom add-ons to support business needs.
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  • Infor XA Managed Services

    Infor XA Managed Services

    IT support to maintain business continuity and migration to Infor XA
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  • Kaolin Slurry Addition and PLC Conversion

    Ingredient Slurry Addition and PLC Conversion

    Addition of two material storage tanks with a turnkey electrical and controls solution. Also included, a solution to upgrade antiquated plant hardware in conjunction with the equipment addition.

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  • Food and Beverage Manufacturer

    Kaizen events for Meal Packaging Company

    Lean implementation through Kaizen for reducing inventory, improve quality and labor savings.
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  • Walk-in Van

    Kaizen events for Walk-in Van Manufacturer

    Lean consulting through Kaizen events for a Walk-in Van Manufacturer.
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  • Forklift Manufacturer

    Manufacturing Level Lean for Forklift Manufacturer

    Lean implementation to improve production capacity, throughput time and eliminate non-value added activities.

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  • process-material-receiving

    Material Receiving and Process Systems

    Design and installation of numerous material and ingredient receiving systems.
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  • process-multi-purpose-vessel

    Multi-Purpose Vessel Conversion

    Conversion of an existing Multi-Purpose Vessel (MPV) for use as a temporary sucrose storage and distribution vessel. Sucrose intended to replace HFCS where used in tea and beer.
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  • Production and Distribution Center

    New 100,000 Sq Ft Production and Distribution Center

    New 100,000 Sq Ft Production and Distribution Center
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  • FS-New 204k  Distribution

    New 204,000 Square Foot Distribution Facility

    Site real estate due diligence, facility planning, architecture, design and construction management for a new 204,000 ft2 Sales Service Center.

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  • fs-new-225k-distribution

    New 225,000 Square Foot Facility

    Total engineering design, process design, packaging design and construction management services for a 225,000 sq. ft. on a 27-acre greenfield site in a new industrial park

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  • Pet Food Manufacturing Facility

    New 360,000 Square Foot Pet Food Manufacturing Facility

    Complete design, permitting and construction management of a new 360,000 ftPet Food Manufacturing Facility.
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  • fs-new-green-facility

    New Green Facility for Progressive Brewer

    Design Group Facility Solutions provided custom energy conservation measures in our design of the brewery utilities.
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  • shutterstock_786891406

    Organization Level Lean for Mattress Manufacturer

    Lean implementation to improve customer order lead time and increase revenue.

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  • Palletizer and Stretchwrapper Safety Guarding

    Palletizer and Stretch wrapper Safety Guarding

    Design, installation, validation and commissioning of a multi-zone palletizer and stretch wrapper safety system for 10 beverage lines.

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  • Perfusion Controller Development

    Perfusion Controller Development and Product Quality Verification

    Process automation design, research and development testing, software quality testing and traceability.
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  • Product Configurator - Knowledge-based Total Solution

    Product Configurator – Knowledge-based Total Solution

    Developed a web-based configurator with a 2D SVG visual canvas panel that was developed using MVC3 and HTML5.
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  • qPCR Laboratory Project Management, Commissioning and Qualification Picture

    qPCR Laboratory Project Management, Commissioning and Qualification

    Project Management and Qualification Services related to the build out of a new Quality Control PCR Laboratory.
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  • Food-and-Beverage-Thumbnail

    REDESIGN: Cost Optimization and Standardization for Food and Beverage Manufacturer

    Cost Optimization and Standardization to reduce long lead time and facilitate global availability of replacement parts.
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  • Hygiene Disposables Manufacturer

    REDESIGN: Cost Reduction for Hygiene Disposables Manufacturing Machinery

    Design a competitive and cost-effective hygiene disposables manufacturing machine.
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  • Industrial Products

    REDESIGN: Cost Reduction for Industrial Products Manufacturer

    Product design for manufacturability, safety and cost optimization.
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  • Food Processing Machinery

    REDESIGN: Design Product Variants for Industrial Slicing Systems Manufacturer

    Product design for variants that suit market requirements in Europe and US.
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  • Pharma Production Line

    REDESIGN: Improved Capacity of Packaging Line for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

    Improved capacity of packaging line to achieve higher production rates in the existing facility.

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  • Packaging Machinery

    REDESIGN: Modularization and Cost Optimization for Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

    Global market expansion through modularization and cost optimization of products.
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  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    RETROFIT: Safety upgrades for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

    Design guarding for a chilled roll machine to eliminate safety issues.
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  • Industrial Cleaning Wipes

    RETROFIT: Safety Upgrades for Industrial Cleaning Wipes Manufacturer

    Design vapor containment guarding to eliminate safety issues.
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  • Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machinery

    REVERSE ENGINEERING: Cost Optimization for Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machine

    Develop a competitive, low cost, modular and hygienic horizontal flow wrapper machine.
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  • Diagnostic and Screening Devices

    REVERSE ENGINEERING: New machine design for diagnostic screening device

    New machine design to replace an obsolete machine while  avoiding production loss and continued presence of product in the market until new product launch.
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  • Robotic Palletizer

    Robotic Liquids Palletizing

    Robotic palletizer and depalletizer, stretch wrapper and pallet conveyor
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  • process-sanitary-and-cip

    Sanitary and CIP Upgrade for Sauces

    Sanitary audits and CIP upgrade for sauces
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  • Single-Use Enzyme Replacement Therapy Manufacturing

    Single-Use Enzyme Replacement Therapy Manufacturing Facility CQV

    Capital Project CQV Support for State-of-the-Art Continuous Bio-manufacturing facility employing primarily single-use technology at pilot plant scale.
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  • process-sucrose-storage

    Sucrose Storage Tanks

    Installation of two 20,000 gallon permanent sucrose storage tanks (heat traced and insulated), relocation of two Phase 1 skids, and a new skid for tank in/tank out (product and CIP) capabilities.
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  • Utility Commissioning Services

    Utility Commissioning Services

    Provide commissioning services for facility and utilities in new commercial production space.

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