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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Design Group, with its experience in the commercialization of Renewable Identification Number (RIN) qualified transportation fuels, is ready to help you deliver projects in biodiesel, renewable diesel, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Renewable Natural Gas, and Ethanol.  Our professionals have direct renewable fuels experience, including development of MSW landfill and Anaerobic Digestion to RNG facilities, Biodiesel facilities, and Renewable Diesel technologies.

Key Areas: Biogas Upgrading | Biodiesel | Renewable Diesel | Steam & Power Systems
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Our Services

  • Greenfield or brownfield biogas processing and refining facilities
    • MSW landfill waste gas collection
    • Anaerobic digesters, integration with composting systems
    • On-line gas composition / quality systems
    • Pre-treatment and compression
    • PSA /membrane/absorption processes
    • Plant wide modelling /conceptual studies
    • Prototype, pilot, precommercial facilities
    • Thermal oxidizers
    • Balance of plant
  • Renewable diesel / SAF
    • Feedstock pretreatment systems
    • Hydrotreaters
    • Refinery conversions
    • Greenfield / brownfield facilities
  • Ethanol
    • Fermentation, distillation
  • Biodiesel (FAME) greenfield facilities
  • Algae fermentation and photobioreactors
  • Algae harvesting, dewatering and extraction
  • Solar power systems
  • Combined heat and power skids
  • Steam and power systems
    • Pinch analysis / power analysis
    • Energy systems modelling
    • Power switchgear
    • Control system architecture and design
    • Fieldbus networking
    • Motor control centers
    • Load shedding
    • Cooling towers
    • Custom communications (legacy meters)
    • OPC and web portal programming