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Pulp and Paper

Pulp & Paper

Design Group designs customized and integrated solutions for pulp and paper mills leveraging its pulp and paper operations management and technical services experience. Our team is process technology-focused, providing high-quality engineering, design, automation, and consulting solutions to all aspects of pulping, papermaking, power and recovery, and converting operations.  

Key Areas: Kraft Pulping & Chemical Recovery | Paper, Paperboard Machines | Converting | Recycled Fiber | Fiber Lines | Pulping | Waste Treatment | Odor Control | Steam & Power Systems | Co-Products
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Our Services

  • Pulp, paper, and power & recovery
    • Master planning and stage-gate approach
    • Greenfield or brownfield facilities
    • Rebuilds / redesigns
    • Fiber lines or grade conversions
    • Recycled fiber plants
    • Modelling and bottleneck / gap analysis
    • Energy and water reduction
    • Black liquor recovery, recausticizing systems
    • Odor control and wastewater treatment systems
    • NCG systems
    • Equipment/technology evaluation
  • Converting
    • Master planning and stage-gate approach
    • Greenfield or brownfield facilities
    • On-line OEE  systems
    • Automation technology evaluation
    • Control system architecture and design
    • System integration
  • Co-product systems
    • Soap recovery & acidification (CTO)
    • Methanol recovery and refining
    • Turpentine recovery
  • Steam and power systems
    • Pinch analysis/power analysis
    • Energy systems modelling
    • Power switchgear
    • Control system architecture and design
    • Fieldbus networking
    • Motor control centers
    • Load shedding
    • Cooling towers
    • Custom communications (legacy meters)
    • OPC and web portal programming