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Architecture/Engineering Process

Design Group provides process driven engineering, architectural and construction management services in various market sectors. We have the expertise to convert our client’s business needs into an executable solution, providing value through improved operational efficiency, expanded capacities, improved operational workflow and reductions in operating cost.

Design Group provides solutions in the following industries:

Food and Beverage | Design GroupLife SciencesIndustrialSemiconductorHousehold Personal CareOil and Gas 

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  • Architecture & Engineering Services

    Design Group offers extensive engineering expertise in the design and implementation of green field facilities, renovations of existing facilities, warehouse expansions, and utility system improvements. Our engineering solutions provide cost effective, innovative alternatives to match the specialized requirements of the food, beverage, dairy, life science and other industrial sectors.

    Design Group develops integrated solutions from concept design through construction documents utilizing our full service, in-house engineering team. Our solutions are engineered with “constructability” in mind, providing the owner a superior, cost effective, high quality deliverable.

    Engineering Services include:

    • Site Selection, Planning and Permitting
    • Final Grading and Storm Water Design
    • Municipal Utility Design
    • Wetland Mitigation, EPA, Planning and Zoning


    • Footings, Foundations, and Retaining Walls
    • Structural Shell Design
    • Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete, and Masonry
    • Slab On Grade
    • Seismic Analysis and Design
    • Existing Conditions Analysis


    • Space Programming, Code Review
    • Life Safety, Egress, Fire Separation, Accessibility
    • Modeling, Renderings in 3D with Revit
    • Building Envelope Performance Modelling
    • Office Interior Design
    • Sustainability


    • Boiler and Steam Systems
    • Compressed Air Systems
    • HVAC – Controlled Spaces
    • Plumbing and Hydronic Systems
    • Fire Protection
    • Energy Recovery
    • Cryogenic Gas


    • Industrial Ammonia, Freon and CO2 Systems
    • Glycol and Brine Heat Transfer Systems
    • Single, Two-Stage and Cascade Systems
    • Condensation & Humidity Control
    • Critical Charge Systems
    • Heat Recovery Systems
    • Mechanical Integrity & Code Compliance Audits
    • PSM and PHA Compliance Services


    • Power and Lighting
    • Life Safety and Fire Alarm
    • Back Up Generators
    • Arc Flash Analysis
    • Power Factor Analysis

    We also Offer Specialized Services in:

    • Industrial Ammonia, Freon and CO2 Systems
    • Energy Sustainability
    • Dehumidification Solutions
    • LEED
    • PSM Documentation
    • Program Management


  • Process Design

    Whether adding manufacturing capacity, addressing product quality, efficiency and yield or introducing a new product to the market, Design Group understands what it takes to successfully design, integrate and implement a new or modified process solution.  Our design process, led by our industry-seasoned professionals, begins with a comprehensive understanding of our client’s specifications, operating parameters and expectations.  We then apply the specifications and requirements, along with industry recognized best practices to evaluate technology and automation solutions.  These solutions provide a guideline for the design of a high performance system, employing proven technologies with the appropriate level of automation.

    Process Mechanical Design capabilities include: 

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Capacity Analysis
    • Design Basis, Heat and Mass Balances
    • Ingredient Analysis
    • Utility Requirements
    • Equipment Identification and Preliminary Specifications
    • Equipment Arrangements
    • Budget Cost Estimates and Schedule Development
    • PFDs and P&IDs
    • Piping Design (2D and 3D)
    • Equipment Supports and Operator Platform Design
    • As-Built Documentation
  • Process Automation

    Design Group’s process automation professionals combine a broad range of process experience and technical knowledge together with a disciplined execution methodology to deliver robust automation solutions across all industries.  For both batch and continuous processes, Design Group partners with industry leading technology platform providers to deliver world-class solutions.

    Process Automation capabilities include:

    • Electrical Control System Design
    • Instrumentation Specification
    • Control Panel Design
    • Programming
    • Software Development

    Design Group’s standard services include pre-site simulation, installation management and start-up/commissioning support.  These services ensure the successful and timely implementation of all automation projects.

  • Process Safety and Risk Management

    Design Group professionals bring industry expertise to assist our clients in developing the necessary elements of Process Safety and Risk Management programs. We support our clients in the areas where we have an extensive experience and can engage and manage additional specialists to provide a comprehensive solution.

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  • Waste Water Solutions

    Design Group supports manufacturing operations across a wide and diverse group of industries, and one of the common needs that they all share is wastewater. We engineer, permit, procure, and construct a variety of technology solutions ranging from pH neutralization, DAF systems, aerobic, and anaerobic digesters using a variety of technology providers.

    Waste Water Solutions include:

    • Characterize the effluent waste stream for a new facility or existing plant.
    • Meet with the operators of Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) to understand the physical and regulatory aspects of the municipal system into which the client discharges wastewater.
    • Identify technology solutions available from third party providers.
    • Craft a strategy to deliver the complete solution that best serve the needs of the client.
    • Manage the implementation of wastewater solutions thru engineering, equipment procurement, regulatory, detailed engineering, construction, commissioning.
    • Work with our client to draft or modify Industrial Discharge Permit (IDP) agreements between the plant and the POTW.
    • Investigate pretreatment systems that may not be maintaining plant discharges in compliance with IDP requirements.
    • Engage in studies involving waste mitigation, water balance studies and related operating cost reduction efforts.
  • Facility Planning

    Our highly experienced facility planning professionals lead our clients through the early development of complex conceptual solutions to achieve operational objectives. Our in-house engineering group handles all design responsibilities including site selection and development, environmental permitting and civil, architectural, structural, refrigeration, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical design.

  • Supply Chain

    Design Group is an industry leader in providing warehouse optimization, logistics strategic consulting, and supply chain engineering solutions. As a fully integrated engineering firm, our engineers develop solutions to optimize the productivity of the client’s current warehouse operation and help improve the client's operational efficiency throughout all aspects of the supply chain.

    Supply Chain Solution Services include:

    • Warehouse Evaluations and Optimization Solutions
    • Inventory Analysis and Optimization
    • Distribution Center Layout Design
    • Material Handling System Selection Analysis and Selection
    • Automated Material Handling System Analysis and Selection
    • Distribution Network Studies
    • Center Point of Distribution Analysis
    • Operations Planning with Six Sigma Principles
    • Facility Consolidation Planning
  • Facility Condition Assessment

    Design Group provides facility condition assessment services allowing clients to optimize long-term facility investments. We use a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) methodology to determine current building deficiencies and estimated costs associated with renewal, repair, and code compliance.

    The FCA determines immediate and long-term costs liabilities for building component lifecycle renewal, deferred maintenance, code compliance, and functional inadequacies based on an industry-standard cost database. The client uses the FCA to address operational requirements, facility renewal forecasting, and funding scenarios for capital project planning.

    Facility Assessment Elements:

    • Building interior elements
    • Civil/site development and amenities – pavements, entrances, and utilities
    • Document review – drawings, specifications, reports, and records
    • Fire protection and life safety regulations
    • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems
    • Structure, foundation, and exterior wall systems
    • Preliminary review and on-site observations
    • Production / Process / Packaging Equipment

    Facility Assessment Services:

    • Facilities management and capital planning process analysis
    • Lifecycle analysis
    • Portfolio analysis and alignment
    • Long-range capital cost analysis
    • Capital project planning
    • Capital budget development
    • Executive and board level presentations and reports
    Facility Assessment Benefits:
    • Improve facilities data
    • Define facility deficiencies
    • Gather defensible data from independent third party for justifying capital expenditures
    • Develop reports and address code issues
    • Streamline facilities management and improve facilities condition
    • Allow facilities and maintenance personnel to better plan, manage, and direct work
    • Prioritize short-term planning issues


  • Real Estate Solutions

    Design Group offers effective solutions to the client’s real estate needs anywhere in the United States. Locating, screening, procuring, and permitting real estate is an essential skill set for the client. A Supply Chain Solution that identifies the need for consolidating existing or adding incremental physical plant assets for manufacturing, distribution, or support services generally triggers the need to find real estate. This search starts with identifying and ranking possible locations, screening those candidates, engaging in letter of intent discussions, due diligence on the acquisition, grants and incentives negotiations, closing on the property, and completing the permitting activities to allow the real estate to transform into a production or distribution asset.

    Real Estate Solutions include:

    • Defining site search and real estate parameters based on business needs
    • Engagement with Economic Development resources
    • Screening sites based on logistics, transportation, incentives, regulatory and utility costs
    • High level reconnaissance of preferred locations with developed property cost comparisons
    • Research and prequalifying grants and incentive options
    • Preferred location final due diligence prior to closing
    • Utility agreement analysis
    • Environmental Compliance, Zoning, Permitting and Site Plan approval work to allow site development
  • Procurement Services

    Design Group understands the importance of getting the details right when it comes to procuring equipment and services.

    Design Group’s dedicated procurement team purchases nearly $150MM of capital equipment and services annually.  Further, our procurement team supports the procurement of tens of millions of dollars of additional equipment and services purchased directly by Design Group clients.

    As part of our procurement services, identifying the right technology at the right price and with the right specifications is only the beginning.  Our procurement process reviews financial backgrounds and historical performance, assesses the suppliers installed base and checks for the availability of spare parts and local service technicians.  This allows Design Group to make sure we identify the right technology, application, and supplier for each specific project.  Finally, prior to issuing an order, Design Group’s procurement team reviews all contractual terms to verify they align with our client’s requirements and then work to negotiate favorable terms related to performance, service rates, warranties and spare parts.

  • Equipment, Parts, & Distribution

    Cadence Technologies provides sanitary equipment, instrumentation, and services to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Our mission is to serve our clients by providing high purity process equipment and systems with specialty engineering and strategic consulting to help them succeed in their marketplace.

    Long-standing, high-volume relationships with our suppliers enable us to pass knowledgeable and cost-effective solutions on to our clients. We can provide for all of your needs for parts, components, and systems.

    For more information on Equipment, Parts, and Distribution, visit Cadence Technologies.

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