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Professional Development

Professional Development

Design Group’s Professional Development Program was designed with our Rules of the Culture in mind – to have unconditional interest in the needs of our professionals. Those who participate in these programs will ultimately enjoy a more meaningful career experience, and realize greater personal and professional growth opportunities.

Professional Development at Design Group is composed of four complementary programs, each of which leverage the collective knowledge of the firm and empower our professionals to take charge of their own growth and development. They are:

Design Group University (DGU), Leadership Development, Cultural Communications, and Career Development Discussions (CDD)

Design Group University

Design Group University is an online hub of university-style courses, technical training, forums, and more that give our professionals the knowledge they need to achieve their full potential. Housed on our intranet site, Design Group University consists of three parts:  the Knowledge Center, the Learning Center, and Communities of Practice.

Knowledge Center - The Knowledge Center houses the latest standards, tools, best practices and templates for executing project activities, as well as technical resources to support personal learning and development.

Learning Center - In a firm of over 1,400 professionals and growing, the most valuable lessons are learned from each other.  The Learning Center gives all professionals the opportunity to learn from, and contribute to, the collective knowledge of the firm. Design Group University connects professionals with instant access to university-style online courses, webinars, and training on topics ranging from new hire information to leadership skills to the most technical engineering practices.

Communities of Practice - Communities of Practice are designated forums for all types of technical expertise. Professionals can ask questions, discuss best practices, and collaborate on creative solutions to the toughest problems with their peers nationwide.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Program is our commitment to providing resources and opportunities to help our professionals grow their leadership skills. In order to set our professionals on a path toward leadership, we first define what it means to be a leader at Design Group. We have defined Leadership Competencies to serve as a guide to leading others, leading results, and leading ourselves.

Cultural Communication

Our Cultural Communication Program celebrates open communication between each professional and his or her coach. Periodic touchpoints helps everyone better understand the vision and goals of the firm, as well as how each professional can personally contribute to and benefit from the firm’s success.

Career Development Discussion

The Career Development Discussion is a yearly dialogue that is focused on increasing the career equity of the professional. During the CDD, the professional receives constructive feedback from his or her manager. This helps each professional better align their own goals with the goals of the firm and provides a broader understanding of how professionals can increase their career equity as they learn, grow, and make lasting contributions to Design Group.