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Our solutions deliver optimized costs, reduced wastage, and improved operational efficiency.

Globally, technological advancements through digital transformation has been boosting the demand for semiconductor products. In this ecosystem, it is essential for these manufacturers to cope up with rising prices and steady competition, while driving profitability. Design Group’s understanding of these market pressures coupled with years of experience, allows us to design innovative solutions that improve collaboration, enhance use of technology, and optimize costs for our Semiconductor clients.

Design Group provides engineering, design, and construction services to the semiconductor and related industries. Our leadership in the areas of Lean Construction, Virtual Design and Construction, and Integrated Project Delivery drives out waste, reduces overall project costs, and compresses schedules.

We aim at minimizing delays and achieving production requirements on schedule.

We bring focused project delivery solutions to meet client objectives ranging from design-bid-build, to design build with an integrated team, including stand-alone services such as design and construction management. Our professionals are experts in developing engineered solutions and implementing technology for complex environments including new or existing facilities, retrofitting existing areas, and executing large tool ramps.

Complex code issues often emerge during facility upgrades as occupancy requirements change, technology processes evolve, and improved facility optimization is required. Design Group brings experience to minimize the potential for delays and surprises, in order to ensure that production requirements are achieved on schedule.

Our consulting services include:

Our project expertise covers the following:

Basebuild Facilities & Systems/ retrofit design | Cleanroom design and modifications | Subfab design and space management | Tool installation/ demolition / relocation design | Tool Install/ demolition/ relocation project management Central Utility Building / Process Utility Building Structural analysis / upgrades Chemical delivery systems | Solvent and aqueous waste collection/ treatment systems | Power distribution systems | HVAC systems | Ultrapure water systems | Cooling water systems | Heating water systems | High purity gas systems

Our technical expertise covers the following:

Facility and Campus Master planning | Program management | Architecture and MEP | Programming and pre-positioning | Code review, compliance, and permitting (including evaluations for High Hazard Group H occupancies) | Interaction with Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) | Detailed design | Structural | Process | HVAC | Life safety systems | Energy efficiency analysis | Instrumentation and Controls | Process automation, PLC, and HMI programming | Process instrumentation and controls | Systems integration, control system upgrades | Telecommunications | Commissioning and start-up

Our facility expertise includes the following:

Wafer Fabs | Assembly test | Clean Links, Trestles, AMHS | Central Utilities Buildings (CUB) | Administration, warehouse, support

For help with your Semiconductor project needs please contact:

James Gill, Partner, Semiconductor & Advanced Technology, at