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Packaging Systems

Packaging Systems

Design Group is a premier system integrator for a wide range of filling and packaging line solutions with extensive experience in material handling, printing, labeling, inspection systems, secondary packaging requirements and management information systems. We provide complete production systems, line upgrades or experienced professionals ready to complement our client’s project team. Our professionals apply their broad packaging system knowledge with industry-leading technologies and best practices to specify and implement total operational solutions to meet the client’s specific needs.

Design Group provides solutions for the following industries:

Food and Beverage | Design GroupLife SciencesIndustrialSemiconductorHousehold Personal CareOil and GasIndustrial Machinery and Equipment

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  • Master Planning

    Design Group provides proven industry experience to evaluate the operational requirements of the client’s most challenging initiatives. Our professionals deliver detailed analysis and comprehensive recommendations on how to maximize return-on-investment, drive performance and increase production output for both new and existing production operations.

    Our Master Planning Skills and Capabilities include:

    • Operational Reviews
    • Specification Reviews
    • Production Planning and Forecast Development
    • Technology Evaluations
    • General Arrangements Concepts
    • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Efficiency Improvement

    Design Group recognizes that in today’s competitive world our clients need to get the most out of their assets. With over 25 years of packaging experience and a core of highly knowledgeable and experienced packaging professionals, we provide in-depth analysis of our client’s current systems to evaluate the performance of the packaging system, individual equipment centers and ancillary operations such as:

    • Crewing
    • Training
    • SOP’s
    • Material Quality
    • Process
    • Warehouse Logistics

    This evaluation process allows us to get a complete picture of the packaging system’s operation and determine how to maximize the system’s performance through the appropriate application of technology, industry recognized best practices or operational refinements.

  • Systems Integration

    Design Group professionals bring extensive experience and knowledge to the design and integration of high performance packaging systems.

    Our process begins with a comprehensive understanding of packaging specifications and operating parameters. Our industry-seasoned professionals apply correct specifications and requirements, along with industry recognized best practices to evaluate technology, suppliers and automation strategies to determine the right solution. These solutions provide a guideline for the design of an integrated, high performance system that meets the needs of the initiative and ensures a successful packaging system implementation.

    The foundation of our design process is the understanding that the key to any successful project is timely and effective communication between the project team, our professionals and the project’s suppliers. Using proven project management techniques, our teams ensure that all of the stakeholders -- client, designers, engineers and suppliers -- clearly understand the project scope, schedule and specifications, with a focus on controlling and limiting changes to the project scope.

  • Project Support Services

    In today’s competitive world, organizations are called on to operate extremely lean at all levels – engineering, operations and R&D. But the reality is that these organization structures typically require teams to execute the same amount of work with fewer in-house resources.

    In these situations, Design Group can support the need to execute and drive initiatives including new product rollouts, packaging research, MRO management, multiple site initiatives and capital project execution. Design Group professionals will participate as a member of the project team to drive successful completion of these initiatives.  Design Group’s flexibility and capacity to call on industry-seasoned professionals in multiple locations throughout North America allows us to provide additional value to daily project and operational needs.

  • Procurement Services

    Design Group understands the importance of getting the details right when it comes to procuring equipment and services.

    Design Group’s dedicated procurement team purchases nearly $150MM of capital equipment and services annually. Further, our procurement team supports the procurement of tens of millions of dollars of additional equipment and services purchased directly by Design Group clients. 

    As part of our procurement services, identifying the right technology, at the right price and with the right specifications, is only the beginning. Our teams also ensure we are recommending and procuring from the right supplier. Our procurement process reviews financial backgrounds and historical performance, assesses the suppliers installed base and checks for the availability of spare parts and local service technicians. This allows Design Group to identify the right technology, application and supplier for each specific project. Finally, prior to issuing an order, Design Group’s procurement team reviews all contractual terms to verify they align with our client’s requirements and then work to negotiate favorable terms related to performance, service rates, warranties and spare parts.

  • Project Management

    Whether as part of a complete turnkey solution, a multi-plant new product roll-out or a feasibility study, Design Group understands that effective project management is integral to a successful packaging initiative. Our project managers provide a single point of access and accountability for our clients and suppliers. Their focus is to drive the successful design, integration and implementation of high performance packaging systems.

    Communication is a key component of our project management process. A primary responsibility for all Design Group Project Managers is to establish a consistent flow of information between all project stakeholders -- client, designers, engineers and suppliers—to ensure a clear and documented understanding of the key specifications, deliverables and success criteria.

    Internally, we support our Project Managers by enabling them to participate in Project Management and Communications Skills Training courses via our Design Group University program. These courses are designed to equip them with the necessary skills to apply industry best practices combined with our internal project communication standards and processes. Our Knowledge Portal provides a central repository for all Design Group standards (project management, design, procurement, safety, etc.) and makes them readily available to any professional, anywhere in our Firm.

    Our Project Management skills and capabilities are as follows:

    • Financial Management
    • Communications Management
    • Document Control
    • Project Logistics Management
    • Progress Reporting
    • Project Integration Management
    • Project Time Management
    • Project Scope Management
    • Quality  Management
    • Risk and Opportunity Management
  • Industrial Automation

    Design Group applies our industry experience and expertise to deliver the most challenging and fast paced automation and packaging applications. For over 25 years, Design Group has delivered successful automation projects to the industry’s leading companies.

    Design Group automation professionals combine a broad range of packaging experience and technical knowledge together with a disciplined execution methodology to deliver robust automation solutions across all industries. For high-speed filling and packaging line solutions, Design Group partners with the industry’s leading technology platform providers to deliver world-class solutions.

    Design Group’s capabilities include extensive experience with:

    • Material Handling
    • Printing
    • Labeling
    • Inspection Systems
    • Secondary Packaging Requirements
    • Management Information Systems

    Design Group provides complete turnkey production systems, line upgrades or experienced professionals to complement the project team.