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  • Cloud Applications

    Three Reasons why Engineering and Manufacturing are Disjointed ​

    • Enterprise Technology Consulting
    • Product Lifecycle Management
    | by Design Group Jul 31, 2019
    Understand the common reasons for disconnect between Engineering and Manufacturing and how to resolve it.
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  • Connectivity Analytics and Reports Cloud Applications

    Gaining Competitive Advantage through the Cloud

    • Enterprise Technology Consulting
    | by Design Group Mar 13, 2019
    Cloud deployment can provide organizations of all sizes with tremendous opportunities to gain competitive advantage, redesign business processes and create business value through IT.
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  • Enterprise Resource Planning _ERP Customer Satisfaction

    The Ultimate Goal: A Satisfied Client

    • Enterprise Technology Consulting
    • Customer Satisfaction
    | by Design Group Sep 27, 2018
    At Design Group, we always strive to exceed client expectations and provide quality solutions. This ERP implementation project is one such testament to our commitment in creating a positive client experience.
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