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Enhancing Omnichannel Capabilities with Warehouse Management Software

 January 27, 2021

The increasing demands of customers has dramatically increased supply chain complexity. With a variety of manufacturers, retailers and distributors that can be involved in a single product, it is critical that they all be able to move inventory though the supply chain as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Legacy Warehouse systems were not designed to meet your current or future needs. Not having the proper warehouse operations or warehouse management solution in place severely limits your organization’s ability to meet these modern requirements and stay competitive. You may also be challenged with warehouse spacing and capacity constraints, ineffective or nonexistent labor management practices, and poorly placed inventory within the four walls of the warehouse. Failing to address these challenges leads to higher operating costs, and worse, a loss of existing customers and the ability to serve new ones.

Read more about Infor’s Warehouse Management solution and to read the complete article “Enhancing omnichannel capabilities with warehouse management software” that previously appeared on Infor’s Blog.

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