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PLM Managed Services: User Experience Support

 May 19, 2021

Design Group’s PTC Windchill Managed Services ensure a secure PLM environment, allowing companies to focus on their core business initiatives.  Our expert team of certified PTC Windchill professionals enable Windchill users to leverage our knowledge of up-to-date industry best practices to maximize individual productivity.  This blog post focuses on the importance of Windchill’s User Experience Support

Windchill User Experience Support plays a critical role to help companies regain control of their core business operations without having to worry about their Windchill environment. Companies can now focus all their energies on core businesses while the Windchill environment lies in the safe hands of an expert team of certified professionals who are the best at what they do.  

Here are some of the advantages of User Experience Support:  

#1 Adding New Functionality in Windchill

To meet the evolving business requirement, the PLM system should be able to add new configurations and workflows to meet the business objectives. Imagine a PLM system which evolves with your business requirements. You will not be tied down to your original PLM functionalities; our experts can configure (not customize) your Windchill PLM to meet new business requirements. This will allow you to leverage new functionalities in Windchill without adding any complexity (custom code) to the PLM system.  

#2 Easy-to-Use Helpdesk Ticketing System

Getting timely resolution of critical issues affecting the users is critical to any organization to drive user adoption. User adoption is especially important at the onset of a new implementation. If not supported well, the users may become frustrated and at times, will find workarounds which will cause more work for the IT team. We provide an easy-to-use ticketing tool to create and manage your tickets online.   

#3 Training of New Hires

Do you have new professionals to train? The Design Group team can impart site implementation specific training to facilitate training the new hires, and help the new professionals to become productive quickly.  

#4 System Enhancements To Improve Productivity

As the PLM user adoption improves and the system stabilizes, it helps to start working with the end users to find out their pain areas and define enhancements to improve their productivity in day-to-day work. We provide the expertise you need to define and implement simple improvements which can help improve productivity.  

#5 Ability To Support 24x7

With our Escalation process, Design Group can support your Windchill environment 24x7. Whether you are upgrading your servers or applying patches – if something goes wrong, you can always rely on our support.  

Ready to Get Started?

The Design Group team stands ready to answer your questions and to provide the required support. Contact us to learn more.

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