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Ensuring Clients' Business Continuity Through Control System Integration Services

 May 05, 2020

During this unprecedented time, the Design Group Control System Integration team is focused on sustaining our clients' productivity by providing onsite and remote support as necessary. 

Our services enable clients in their project execution, plant improvements, and help in preparing for a challenging environment and minimizing risk. Here are a few of the services which clients find useful in managing the COVID-19 situation. 

Plant Control System Remote Access Solutions

We offer a suite of Remote Plant Support options to suit your factory control needs. 

Smart ManufacturingOur team effectively monitors and improves Factory Performance in real-time utilizing a variety of Remote Access tools.  Our team places extreme emphasis on network security and will work with your IT department to ensure a robust, secure remote networking solution. 

24/7 Maintenance Support & Remote Access Solutions

Our 24/7 Remote Support Solutions keep the clients’ factory running.

Industrial Automation Network DesignWe start with Remote Access and a round-the-clock call center.  When the factory experiences production interruptions, we can assist with troubleshooting over the phone and network, and in many cases even without the need for a site-visit. 

This service is surprisingly cost-effective, and our clients have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the value they received. 

Off-Site – Remote Control Panel Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Control Panel Solutions Image 1Control Tech Automation; our control panel business, has always been a cost-effective provider with industry leading time to market. 

Design Group utilizes video and networking technologies to facilitate testing, demonstration, and validation of control panels (and software). This limits our clients’ travel requirements while we provide the same high level of confidence and customer service.

Remote Testing and FAT are other value additions that we provide our clients. 

  • Real-time testing with our engineers and technicians via video conference
  • Close-up live images of mounting and wiring of components
  • FAT protocols based on design documents

In preparation for enhanced economic activity later in 2020, Design Group will be here to help you get MORE out of your existing production equipment. 

Production Line Optimization & Enhancement

Packaging Systems OverviewMany of our clients are experiencing increased production demands during this period.  Design Group's team of trained professionals utilize the latest trusted techniques to analyze bottlenecks and inefficiencies, apply fixes and improvements, and impact production efficiencies with a high success-rate at a low cost. 

Often, even a brief study can result in significant improvement in the line output.

Above service offerings are an example of how we can help your business during these trying times. To understand the entire breadth of services that we can assist you with, visit our website.

If you have any other engineering needs please feel free to contact us.

We will stay committed to our clients’ journey to achieve their business goals, and work together to support the health and performance of our people, business and our communities during this global health situation.

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