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Engineer Spotlight: Jordan Schleeweis

 April 10, 2019

Jordan SchleeweisThis ‘Engineer Spotlight’ features Jordan Schleeweis, one of our Senior Process Engineers. She has been recognized and recently promoted for her leadership and efforts in establishing strong client relationships. Her insights into client needs have been instrumental in building client trust and establish her as a key technical leader.

One of our clients has recognized and rewarded Jordan’s efforts that has resulted in significant impact on their business by meeting their time to market requirements for a new product launch.

Jordan joined Design Group in 2015 and started working on process systems and packaging equipment commissioning with one of our key clients. Following the success of the initial client engagement, she assumed various roles in projects involving process systems installation, chemical distribution, clean-in-place systems enhancements, beverage systems assessments, and advanced process technology selection with most of the major Design Group clients. 

We were in conversation with Jordan about her recent achievements and her thoughts on building client trust. Read on to know more.

Briefly describe your role and experience in working on this project.

My role initially started as process engineering Subject Matter Expert, but once on-site, I was quickly integrated into the engineering team to fill a variety of roles and I quickly took on a supplemental staff position. My responsibilities have covered process development, facilities and utilities support, and lead process engineer. Working on a new product launch is always exciting. I love being involved from the concept to design to implementation.

How has your technical expertize complemented the client needs?

Most of my industry experience comes from working in beverages and liquid processing. This new product is a cocktail blend so I have been able to draw from previous learnings and successful projects in the past for the best design. My contacts within Design Group and with vendors from other projects has also been an advantage in developing this new blend system.

What do you think is key to building client trust?

Engineer Spotlight_JordanIn my experience, the best way to build client trust is to be accountable. Being on-site full-time gives me the advantage of plenty of face-to-face interactions with the whole engineering team. But, even when I am working remotely, I make sure I’m in daily contact with the client.

You have to be willing to be flexible, especially in understanding how scope of a project can easily be fluid, and exude confidence in your abilities to find the right solution. A positive attitude also goes a long way!

Do you think recognition has a positive influence on performance? If yes, how?

This recognition has absolutely had a positive influence on my performance. It’s encouraging to have hard work validated and appreciated. It also spurs my competitive streak to continue to always do my best and set the bar high for myself in moving forward.

At Design Group, we will continue to celebrate the success of our professionals and clients. Keep watching this space for similar inspiring stories in the ‘Engineer Spotlight’ series.

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  1. Yuki Ikuta | May 03, 2019
    Sounds like you set up a win-win situation for your client and our organization.  That's no easy undertaking - congrats and I'm glad your efforts and achievements are being recognized.

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