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Students, are you looking to join a global team of Engineering and IT Consultants?

 September 05, 2018

Are you an engineering student seeking the right start for your professional career? Design Group has many opportunities for you to join a team of global Engineering & IT consultants, within a unique people-centric culture.

In Design Group, everyone is empowered to make an impact and our professionals are the foundation of our future.

Design Group Career Fairs If this looks like a firm that you want to be a part of, join us at any of the below career fairs this fall.

We would be happy to answer your questions and help you understand various open positions open positions and how you can apply.



09-11-2018 University of Texas at Austin
09-12-2018 Georgia Tech
09-12-2018 Texas A&M
09-13-2018 Penn State University
Georgia Tech
09-18-2018 Clemson University
09-18-2018 North Carolina State University
09-18-2018 University of Illinois - Chicago
09-18-2018 University of Missouri
09-19-2018 University of Illinois - Chicago
09-20-2018 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
09-24-2018 Georgia Tech
09-25-2018 Missouri University of Science & Technology
09-26-2018 Stevens Institute of Technology
09-27-2018 California State University - Chico
09-28-2018 California Polytechnic University - Pomona
09-28-2018 University of Massachusetts - Amherst
10-03-2018 Rochester Institute of Technology 
10-04-2018 Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
10-04-2018 University of New Hampshire - Durham
10-17-2018 Oregon State University
10-18-2018 Ranken Technical College
10-26-2018 Sacramento State
10-31-2018 University of Washington - Seattle

Download the schedule here.

If you have any questions related to the career fairs, reach out to us at

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