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Infor CloudSuite WMS

Infor CloudSuite Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)

Design Group provides Infor CloudSuite WMS (Warehouse Management) to clients of all sizes, across multiple industries. The more warehouses and complexity, the better.

Infor CloudSuite WMS combines advanced warehousing capabilities with highly configurable rules, built-in labor, task, and inventory management, as well as 3D visualization, in a multi-tenant solution. The unified approach lets businesses holistically assess requirements, incorporate value-added services, prioritize tasks, and eliminate bottlenecks.

With Design Group, warehouse clients get an additional advantage by utilizing our Architecture/Engineering Process Practice for a complete end to end solution that includes not just WMS software, but Facility Planning, Supply Chain, Architectural and Engineering Services, including Real Estate services and permits.

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Infor WMS is an advanced warehouse management solution that combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to reduce complexity and support enhanced operational execution.



Design Group Professional Services regarding Warehouse Management are:

  • WMS implementations
  • Operations Planning with Six Sigma Principles
  • Automated material handling system analysis & selection
  • Integrations – ERP, material handling equipment, and WMS solutions
  • Warehouse evaluations & Optimization solutions
  • Distribution network studies
  • Application Maintenance Support
  • Distribution center layout design
  • Center point of distribution analysis

Learn more about Design Group and Infor CloudSuite WMS in this short video.

Infor CloudSuite WMS