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Infor OS – User Experience and Productivity Game Changer

39:32 In this webinar originally recorded on December 8, 2020, Design Group shows the power of Infor OS and how it improves the individual User Experience and productivity, while providing a seamless integration of all of your systems (including non-Infor) with one login. By creating dashboards and accessing multiple systems on one screen, Infor OS also allows you to automate your processes and create drill down workflows across platforms. You won’t want to miss this webinar on Infor OS, the next generation of middleware that is a real game changer. Design Group technical professionals provide a brief demo of the product, show you the power of Infor OS, including dashboards and workflows that they have created. “Infor OS is a must have and possibly the most powerful tool you will have in your tool kit – it’s a Game Changer” ~ XA Customer