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Please see the below Project Profiles representing Design Group Process Solutions.

  • Greenfield Wine Facility | Design Group

    Greenfield Wine Production Facility

    Project Scope

    • New 660,000 ft2 Facility
      • 260,000 ft2 Bottling Hall, 400,000 ft2 Warehouse
    • Three Bottling Lines
    • Three Process Systems from Bottling Cellar to Fillers
      • Design Group Wine Process Skids
      • Integrated cellar, smart pumps, pigging

    Design Group Scope of Work

    • Project Management
    • Facility Design (Civil, Structural, Architectural)
    • Utility System Design
    • Process System Design & Automation
    • Packaging System Design & Automation
    • Construction Management
    • Start-up Support and Training


    • Stage Gate
    • Design – Bid (Owner-held contracts)
  • Ethanol Based Ingredients Profile (524199445)

    Ethanol Based Ingredients

    Installation of over 500 feet of piping and equipment to allow for receiving a new 90% ethanol based ingredient (E1) that is to be used in a new product.

    Project Scope

    • Design of ingredient receiving and delivering to blend point
    • Design of chilling product before carbonation
    • Design and construction of process and utility piping
    • Process and utility tie-ins
    • Process Design, Layout, and P&ID development
    • Equipment Procurement
    • Managed a 10 day effort to install and commission the system. This included coordinating between the plant, mechanical contractor, electrical contractor, and programmers
    • Relocated a heat exchanger that is being used in an existing process (had to jumper the product line)  and retro-fitted it to cool the root beer before carbonation
    • Coordinated major process and utility tie-ins
    • Executed water testing and CIP of new line, which required interfacing with an unrelated system to supply water, as there is no ready water supply at unload
    • Successful readiness within 13 days of project inception
    • System modifications 
    • Equipment Procurement to replace “borrowed” equipment. Project was so fast track that chiller, micromotion, and various instrumentation were taken from other processes temporarily.
    • Possible design for routing to Flash Pasteurizer prior to product release tank.
    • Current design share blend and blended supply line with the C1 system. Future work includes a dedicated E1 blend and blended supply line, with a dedicated water line to blend.
  • Sucrose Storage Tanks (321979508)

    Sucrose Storage Tanks

    Installation of two 20,000 gallon permanent sucrose storage tanks (heat traced and insulated), relocation of two Phase 1 skids, and a new skid for tank in/tank out (product and CIP) capabilities.

    Project Scope

    •   Design of new tanks to store sucrose
    •   Design and construction of new routing skid
    •   Process and utility tie-ins
    •   Integration of new system
  • Multi Purpose Vessel Conversion Profile (140224861)

    Multi-Purpose Vessel Conversion

    Conversion of an existing Multi-Purpose Vessel (MPV) for use as a temporary sucrose storage and distribution vessel. Sucrose intended to replace HFCS where used in tea and beer.

    Project Scope

    • Design of alterations to tank and existing lines to accommodate new use
    • Design and construction of three skids (unload, distribution, glycol heating)
    • Process and utility tie-ins
    • Temperature sensitive material, must be kept greater than 100º Fahrenheit
  • Cake Mixing Profile (147192239)

    Cake Mixing and Ingredient Upgrade

    Whole and white egg handing and CIP systems

    Project Scope

    • Tote Unloading
    • Temperature Control
    • Metered Transfer to Blending
    • CIP

    Design Group Scope of Work

    • Project Management
    • Process Engineering
    • Design
    • Equipment Procurement
    • System Integration
    • Installation
    • Startup Support
  • Sanitary and CIP Profile (341488262)

    Sanitary and CIP Upgrade for Sauces

    Sanitary audits and CIP upgrade for sauces

    Project Scope:

    • Sanitary audits
    • CIP audits
    • Process Improvements to pasteurizer, homogenizer, pipe routing and CIP sizing

    Design Group Scope of Work:

    • Project Management
    • Process Engineering
    • Design
    • Equipment Procurement
    • System Integration
    • Installation 
    • Startup Support
  • Material Receiving and Process Systems Project Profile (521099641)

    Material Receiving and Process Systems

    Design and Installation of numerous material and ingredient receiving systems, including HFCS, Dry Additives, Granulated Sucrose, Frozen Juices and Concentrates

    Process Utilities:
    Design and Installation of Steam, Cooling, and Water systems in beverage plants