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Project Profiles

Please see the below Project Profiles representing Design Group Process Solutions.

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    Greenfield Wine Production Facility

    Project Scope

    • New 660,000 ft2 Facility
      • 260,000 ft2 Bottling Hall, 400,000 ft2 Warehouse
    • Three Bottling Lines
    • Three Process Systems from Bottling Cellar to Fillers
      • Design Group Wine Process Skids
      • Integrated cellar, smart pumps, pigging

    Design Group Scope of Work

    • Project Management
    • Facility Design (Civil, Structural, Architectural)
    • Utility System Design
    • Process System Design & Automation
    • Packaging System Design & Automation
    • Construction Management
    • Start-up Support and Training


    • Stage Gate
    • Design – Bid (Owner-held contracts)

  • process-ethanol

    Ethanol Based Ingredients

    Installation of over 500 feet of piping and equipment to allow for receiving a new 90% ethanol based ingredient (E1) that is to be used in a new product.

    Project Scope

    • Design of ingredient receiving and delivering to blend point
    • Design of chilling product before carbonation
    • Design and construction of process and utility piping
    • Process and utility tie-ins
    • Process Design, Layout, and P&ID development
    • Equipment Procurement
    • Managed a 10 day effort to install and commission the system. This included coordinating between the plant, mechanical contractor, electrical contractor, and programmers
    • Relocated a heat exchanger that is being used in an existing process (had to jumper the product line)  and retro-fitted it to cool the root beer before carbonation
    • Coordinated major process and utility tie-ins
    • Executed water testing and CIP of new line, which required interfacing with an unrelated system to supply water, as there is no ready water supply at unload
    • Successful readiness within 13 days of project inception
    • System modifications 
    • Equipment Procurement to replace “borrowed” equipment. Project was so fast track that chiller, micromotion, and various instrumentation were taken from other processes temporarily.
    • Possible design for routing to Flash Pasteurizer prior to product release tank.
    • Current design share blend and blended supply line with the C1 system. Future work includes a dedicated E1 blend and blended supply line, with a dedicated water line to blend.

  • process-sucrose-storage

    Sucrose Storage Tanks

    Installation of two 20,000 gallon permanent sucrose storage tanks (heat traced and insulated), relocation of two Phase 1 skids, and a new skid for tank in/tank out (product and CIP) capabilities.

    Project Scope

    •   Design of new tanks to store sucrose
    •   Design and construction of new routing skid
    •   Process and utility tie-ins
    •   Integration of new system

  • process-multi-purpose-vessel

    Multi-Purpose Vessel Conversion

    Conversion of an existing Multi-Purpose Vessel (MPV) for use as a temporary sucrose storage and distribution vessel. Sucrose intended to replace HFCS where used in tea and beer.

    Project Scope

    • Design of alterations to tank and existing lines to accommodate new use
    • Design and construction of three skids (unload, distribution, glycol heating)
    • Process and utility tie-ins
    • Temperature sensitive material, must be kept greater than 100º Fahrenheit

  • process-cake-mixing

    Cake Mixing and Ingredient Upgrade

    Whole and white egg handing and CIP systems

    Project Scope

    • Tote Unloading
    • Temperature Control
    • Metered Transfer to Blending
    • CIP

    Design Group Scope of Work

    • Project Management
    • Process Engineering
    • Design
    • Equipment Procurement
    • System Integration
    • Installation
    • Startup Support

  • process-sanitary-and-cip

    Sanitary and CIP Upgrade for Sauces

    Sanitary audits and CIP upgrade for sauces

    Project Scope:

    • Sanitary audits
    • CIP audits
    • Process Improvements to pasteurizer, homogenizer, pipe routing and CIP sizing

    Design Group Scope of Work:

    • Project Management
    • Process Engineering
    • Design
    • Equipment Procurement
    • System Integration
    • Installation 
    • Startup Support

  • process-material-receiving

    Material Receiving and Process Systems

    Design and Installation of numerous material and ingredient receiving systems, including HFCS, Dry Additives, Granulated Sucrose, Frozen Juices and Concentrates

    Process Utilities:
    Design and Installation of Steam, Cooling, and Water systems in beverage plants