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Facility Solutions

Project Profiles

Please see the below Project Profiles representing Design Group Facility Solutions.

  • fs-new-225k-distribution

    New 225,000 Square Foot Facility

    Total design and construction management services for a 225,000 ft2 facility on a 27-acre greenfield site in a new industrial park consisting of offices, employee facilities, raw ingredients storage, manufacturing, process equipment, packaging, QC lab, warehouse and future areas.

  • FS-New 204k  Distribution

    New 204,000 Square Foot Distribution Facility

    Site real estate due diligence, facility planning, architecture, design and construction management for a new 204,000 ftSales Service Center.

  • fs-cat-litter

    Cat Litter Line Expansion

    Provided total integrated solution involving facility, process, packaging and controls engineering and construction management services for a new Cat Litter Line.  Project consisted of a new rail spur addition, rail unloading canopy, a bentonite unloading pit, structural towers for process conveyors, a limestone load-out building, all new interior platforms and supports for process equipment and tanks, as well as, packaging line supports. 

  • fs-new-360k-pet-food

    New 360,000 Square Foot Pet Food Manufacturing Facility

    Design services provided include master planning of the current and future buildout of the site, all permitting required for both construction and operation of the facility, completion of all facility, process, packaging and controls system engineering by our in-house staff.  Construction management services included budgeting, scheduling and procurement for construction of the facility, process, packaging and control systems to be installed.  On-site supervision for the construction of the facility as well as installation and commissioning of the process, packaging and control systems are included as part of this scope of work.

  • fs-new-green-facility

    New Green Facility for Progressive Brewer

    Design Group Facility Solutions provided custom energy conservation measures in our design of the brewery utilities.

    Design Group Scope of Work

    • Medium Temperature Hot Water (MTHW) versus Steam: Steam is used almost universally in the US brewing industry for process heating. Design Group provided innovative MTHW system providing higher efficiency and significantly lower operating cost than traditional steam systems.
    • CO2 Vaporization with Glycol: Bulk liquid CO2 returned to gaseous state by using warm glycol return. Provides phase change for CO2 and “free-cooling” of the process glycol.
    • High Efficiency Ammonia Refrigeration System: Still the most efficient cooling system in this temperature range.
    • Electrical Distribution, Compressed Air, and Water systems all designed with reliability and efficiency in mind.
    • LEED BD+C certification is in progress for this brewery.