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Project Profiles

Please see the below Project Profiles representing Design Group Equipment Design Solutions.

  • eds-fatigue-analysis

    Fatigue Analysis to Design a Pressure Vessel using FEA

    Design Group was requested to analyze a C4 LPG Treater pressure vessel for fatigue failure using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The ASME section VIII division 2 guidelines were used in the FEA, and the pressure vessel was re-designed according to Section VIII division 1 for the increased fatigue life.

    Design Group determined the fatigue life of the pressure vessel and it was concluded that the existing C4 LPG Treater needed to be replaced with a new C4 LPG Treater, which was designed to have an increased fatigue life of 25 years, enabling the client to have a lower probability of failure during cyclic operation.

  • eds-accelerating-time-to-market

    Competitive Advantage through Product Development

    With a wide range of product lines, Design Group's client needed to reduce their product development costs through the identification of a proven consulting partner.

    On conducting a detailed onsite study of existing designs, Design Group’s engineering consulting experts brought about a 30% overall reduction in development cost, improved the time-to-market by six months which equated to a benefit of $4 million to the client.