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Equipment Design Solutions

Design Group provides Lean-based Equipment Design Solutions to equipment manufacturers and users, for optimizing overall engineering and manufacturing costs, maximizing revenue, accelerating time to market and improving manufacturing efficiency through agile processes. Whether it is an equipment manufacturer facing challenges of equipment obsolescence, expensive retrofit options or a user with reduced margins due to rising costs, we leverage our experience of 25 years in providing robust design solutions to address these needs efficiently.

Equipment Design challenges of Users and Manufacturers

Design Group provides solutions in the following industries:

  Food and Beverage | Design GroupLife SciencesIndustrialSemiconductorHousehold Personal CareOil and GasIndustrial Machinery and Equipment

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  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting

    Design Group’s Lean Manufacturing Consulting aims at improving efficiency and productivity of clients’ manufacturing process through structured elimination of non-value added activities. We leverage our diverse Engineering and IT consulting experience to deliver successful Lean implementations and transform clients’ manufacturing value chain.

    Learn more about Design Group's Lean Manufacturing Consulting solutions.

  • Redesign

    Design Group provides Redesign services to modify features and functionalities of an existing machine or product, aligned with current market requirements. A manufacturer opting for redesigning their machine/product, can expect the following benefits:

    • Increased throughput and OEE
    • Performance improvements
    • Cost optimization
    • Quality improvements
    • Feature enhancements
    • Increased Reliability
    • Standardization & Modularization
  • Retrofit

    Design Group provides Retrofit services which add features and functionalities to an existing machine or product for addressing challenges such as less than optimal performance, non-compliance to industry safety standards, or technology obsolescence.


  • Reverse Engineering

    Design Group offers Reverse Engineering services for clients with legacy equipment or machines. We provide mechanical and electrical CAD modeling and detailing support for equipment/machines without CAD data, for baselining current specifications, and need for re-design or retrofit on the existing machine.

  • Value Engineering

    New products eventually lose their market position with rising competition from products with competitive pricing or additional features. Consequently, product managers must find ways, like lowering prices or improving quality, to maintain their market share.

    Design Group provides Value Engineering (VAVE) services that facilitate material cost reduction in an optimal, design-conscious way which preserves the product quality while sustaining features and functionality. We follow a structured framework right from identification to realization of VAVE benefits, addressing the entire value chain - Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

  • Sustaining Engineering

    With over two decades of experience in the Engineering Services market, Design Group specializes in customized Sustaining Engineering solutions that address product enhancements, development of competitive product variants, and address quality issues from products in use. Design Group’s Sustaining Engineering solutions include:

    • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Management
    • After market support
    • Creating model line variants of an existing foot print
    • Addressing quality issues from field through design revisions
    • Design modifications to accommodate changes in bought-out parts
  • Sourcing

    In addition to engineering design and development services, Design Group also provides sourcing services for manufacturers. Our services include identifying and procuring high quality machined and fabricated parts and assemblies. Our Supply Chain Management professionals follow a DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) approach to ensure usage of the right process at the right cost for maximizing the cost savings for clients.

    Key benefits of our sourcing services are:

    • Reduction in material cost by almost 30 to 70%
    • Reduction in manufacturing lead time by almost 20 to 40%
    • Option to address warranty issues, if any while re-designing for cost optimization
  • Technical Publishing

    Design Group offers Technical Publishing and Language Translation services for authoring a variety of technical documentation like user manuals, operating instructions, installation manuals, part catalogue etc. for machinery and products. Our consultants leverage in-house engineering experience, technical writing skills  and machine-building knowledge to produce ‘first-time-right’ results.

    We utilize a variety of content management tools like Adobe CreativeSuite (InDesign, PhotoShop), FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, , AutoCAD, 3DVia, SolidWorks, Creo, RoboHelp to convert client inputs for publication and documentation.