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Equipment Design Solutions

Equipment Design Solutions

On-going needs and expectations of the end-user continue to pose multi-dimensional challenges to manufacturers. Design Group works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and equipment users, leveraging its experience of over 30 years, offering customized mechanical and electrical engineering design solutions.  With a team of multi-disciplinary engineers supporting various industry verticals, we enable our clients to stay competitive and realize value for their stakeholders.

 Equipment Users Challenges   Equipment Manufacturers Challenges
  • Equipment no longer supported by the OEM
  • Equipment OEMs offer expensive solutions for retrofitting
  • Current machines don't meet current safety standards
  • Older equipment limiting production rates and/or unable to support new SKUs
  • No "off-the-shelf" solutions to automate processes
  • Repetitive motions or non-ergonomic work processes
  • Internal resource constraints for new product development
  • Eroding margins due to higher material and assembly costs
  • Low throughput
  • Inefficient workflows resulting in higher cost of manufacturing
  • Rising warranty costs

Design Group provides solutions in the following industries:

  Food and Beverage | Design GroupLife SciencesIndustrialSemiconductorHousehold Personal CareOil and GasIndustrial Machinery and Equipment

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  • Design & Development

    Design Group provides custom design solutions to address challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and equipment users, through agile and phase-gate processes to:

    • Optimize overall engineering and manufacturing costs
    • Accelerate time to market
    • Improve manufacturing efficiency
    • Improve performance, reliability in existing design
    • Complete ownership of Intellectual Property (IP)
    Design and Development 

    Incremental Innovation

    Experience in working across various industry verticals enables Design Group to address industry challenges in unique ways. We make small-scale improvements to add value to existing equipment and processes for clients to:

    • Stay competitive and retain their market share
    • Enhance the product lifecycle, resulting in maximizing return on investments
    • Complete Intellectual Property Rights, if applicable

    Redesign & Retrofit

    Design Group’s Redesign and Retrofit solutions include modifying or adding new specifications, features and functionalities to an existing equipment or machine. These solutions benefit an OEM to:

    • Meet newer market demands - model line extensions, new variant, product facelift
    • Provide a work-around on an existing patent
    • Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency
    • Comply to the current standards for competitive positioning

    For Equipment Users, these solutions help our clients realize higher order specifications on existing equipment or machine that is outside of warranty, for the short term in order to:

    • Preserve capital expenditure
    • Expand the usage or applicability of the existing equipment or machine

    Cost Optimization

    Cost optimization solutions using Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST) and Design for Assembly (DFA) techniques result in the lowest lifecycle cost, consistent with required performance, reliability, availability, quality, and safety. This directly benefits the clients to:

    • Reduce the material and manufacturing costs without compromising on the features or the functionality of an equipment or machine
    • Sustain and increase market share through competitive pricing, leading to realizing desired bottom-line

    Line Automation

    Clients are supported in automating assembly operations, both semi-automatic and fully automatic to:

    • Deliver consistent and repeatable quality, right the first time
    • Eliminate the need for any secondary rework operations, saving labor and floor space

    Line Automation assists in lowering the COGM – Cost of Goods Manufactured resulting in improved profitability.

    Manufacturing Automation

    Design Group provides solutions to conceptualize and design - tooling, jigs and fixtures to address specific client requirements for:

    • Productivity improvements
    • Optimizing manufacturing costs
    • Eliminating the need for skilled manpower
  • Engineering Support

    Manufacturers have a need to provide faster response times to their customers in an effort to sustain and grow their market share. Design Group utilizes the available time-zone difference to provide manufacturers engineering assistance at a lower cost of ownership.

    Engineering support services include:

    Program Management

    Program Management provides support for realizing clients’ long-term strategic goals and in effective managing of project inter-dependencies within the program.  The support includes:

    • Managing a group of related projects in a coordinated manner with multiple stakeholders, spread across countries, leveraging available resources across locations
    • Providing an independent view of the project status for client's executive team to meet their strategic goals

    Engineering & Release for FAB 

    • Support customization of designs for “made to order” products
    • Design of product from sales orders and develop manufacturing drawings to be directly released for fabrication

    Engineering Change Order Management

    • Engineering support in performing day-to-day engineering tasks
    • Engineering changes or design modifications addressing parts’ obsolescence

    Technical Documentation

    Engineering support to clients in creating operator training manuals that can be effectively used as self-explanatory modules for machine users and maintenance engineers.

  • Sustaining Engineering

    With over three decades of experience in supporting day-to-day engineering requirements, Design Group specializes in establishing offshore design centers, as a seamless extension of the client's inhouse engineering team at a lower cost of ownership, providing the following benefits:

    • Addresses challenges of non-availability of skillset due to geographical constraints
    • Dedicated team of professionals for each client for retaining the tribal knowledge
    • Core team of engineers ensure continuity, ability to add more engineers to manage peak loads

    Solutions include engineering changes, product enhancements, development of competitive product variants, and addressing quality issues from field.

  • Sourcing

    Design Group Sourcing and Procurement services deliver cost benefits from 40% to 60% on various components for manufacturers.

    Sourcing services include:

    • Identify and procure high quality engineering parts, components, and assemblies at competitive prices and reduced turnaround times
    • Usage of ‘Should-be cost’ for effective vendor negotiations
    • Creation of ‘Process-Control-Plans’ for repeatable and reproducible quality of the parts manufactured
  • Technical Publishing

    Our Technical Publishing and Language Localization services are a one-stop solution for all technical publishing requirements.

    Solutions include:

    • Assistance to develop and publish technical and service manuals - print and web versions
    • Language localization of manuals, for exporting the equipment or machine to different countries.
    • 3D modelling and animations for product visualizations