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Congratulating winners of 2019 Recognition Awards at Design Group

 February 26, 2020

Design Group’s people-centric culture encourages ‘Recognition’ of individuals as a key driving force for their success. The firm values and nurtures professionals by continuously celebrating their success through multiple formal recognition programs. Like previous years, 2019 was a year filled with successes from inspiring individuals with commendable contribution to the firm, peers and clients.

One such award is the Engineering and Technical Excellence award which recognizes outstanding professionals who have demonstrated innovation, technical, architectural or design expertise, courage, and leadership.

PRIDE 2019 1

PRIDE 2019 1A

Another popular award is the PRIDE award, Professionals Recognizing Individuals who Demonstrate Excellence, which is designed to recognize professionals who exemplify leadership or client development through their efforts.

PRIDE 2019 3

PRIDE 2019 4

Some of the winners were quoted saying…

“I was very surprised, humbled, and honored to be nominated and receive the Engineering and Technical Excellence Award.  Inviting my family to the event further showed them and me how much Design Group really values and cultivates a culture of caring for their professionals.”

"I was surprised, humbled and delighted to be presented with the PRIDE award. I dedicate this award to my team and my family. I will continue to do all I can to preserve our positive working environment and add value to the organization."

Design Group will continue to celebrate its professionals through these recognition programs. Learn more about culture and open opportunities.

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