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Laser Scanning: The new normal for construction projects

 May 29, 2019

Laser scanners are non-contact, light detection and ranging devices that are used to collect points in a three dimensional coordinate system. These 3D points form a very precise digital database of objects and space.

Laser Scanning When existing facility documentation is scarce, inaccurate or just non-existent, Design Group engages trusted laser scanning service providers who utilize licensed surveyors with the latest technology (hardware and software) to provide a point cloud of the existing conditions. Scope of current and future projects will dictate how much data is collected.

Once the scan is completed and post processed, it is used throughout the lifecycle of the project. Up front for preliminary project design as a referenced set of As-Built/As-Is documents; to engineering where it’s linked into engineering models for coordination and reference; then it gets used in construction as an additional tool for site managers to use for coordination/logistics and better understanding of the facility without putting themselves in harm’s way or impeding daily operations.

Laser Scanning for facilitiesAdditional scans after demo or during construction can be executed to accurately document the construction conditions. This can greatly help clients in the future as they can access these point clouds and BIM (Building Information Modeling) models to have an intelligent model/reflection of accurate As-Built conditions.

Just think, after all the walls are framed and the MEP(Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) systems are in place, but before the drywall is hung, a laser scan can accurately capture the As-Built condition, think of it as an x-ray of the facility that can be used for future facility maintenance and renovation.

Laser Scanning 3

What are the resulting benefits to the clients?

  • Cost savings; quicker project turnaround and less site visits needed
  • Future facility maintenance/renovations
  • Panoramic photos/viewer
  • Collect data afar from hazards with minimal personnel
  • No shut downs required
  • Improved project coordination
  • Improved accuracy
  • Three dimension As-Built documentation

If your company is planning a new construction project and keen on realizing the potential of above benefits, talk to our experts and learn how.

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