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Ask the Expert: Introducing the Design Group ‘Complete Automation Support Program’

 May 01, 2019
In this post, we have Jason Rhodewalt, Partner at Design Group and leader for our Complete Automation Support Program to; share his views on the increasing demand for automation and, ‘Complete Automation Support Program’ - a new solution from Design Group, which is built to facilitate seamless automation for manufacturers. 

Why are manufacturers considering automation of their production systems?

Manufacturers are leveraging production systems to ensure they are able to stay competitive in a global market. They are constantly being asked by their customers to provide more for less.

More and more of our clients are relying on automation systems to meet these increased demands, which has resulted in significant reduction of operational costs, improved productivity and enhanced quality. These systems are becoming a critical component to the success of our clients.

What is the new Complete Automation Support Program from Design Group?

Complete Automation Support Brochure DownloadDesign Group is now offering a comprehensive support program called ‘Complete Automation Support Program’ tailored to individual plant needs.

This program includes upfront documentation of the system, periodic preventative maintenance visits, and 24x7 reactive support for our client’s automation systems. 

How does the new Complete Automation Support Program benefit the manufacturer?

Consumer Goods Production LineOnce implemented, the client can focus on running and improving their production plant as opposed to “firefighting” issues. This program facilitates reduction of maintenance costs by performing preventative maintenance which can stop issues before they even begin. It will also take the burden off their current engineering staff, which is likely to be strained with after-hours support calls.

In addition, this program provides a level of insurance by ensuring uptime of the system so that product is going out the door. The size of our firm, experience of three decades in the industry and, in-depth understanding of automation systems makes us a perfect partner to provide on call support.

What is the feedback received from clients after implementation?

Our current clients believe that we have helped them maintain a robust automation system which directly leads to increased uptime. In the event that an unexpected downtime issue does occur with the automation system we have been able to quickly go online with the system and resolve the issue. This quick reaction time has led to less downtime and more production time.

Design Group can help you address your automation challenges with the new ‘Complete Automation Support Program’. Download the brochure to learn more. 

Reach out to our experts to understand how the ‘Complete Automation Support Program’ tailored to individual plant needs, can facilitate preventive maintenance thereby optimizing maintenance costs. 

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Jason Rhodewalt


Jason Rhodewalt is a Partner within Design Group. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Business Administration with 13 years of automation experience.

His responsibilities include leading the Design Group Automation Support Program and the Information Solutions group while also participating in the Control System Integration leadership team.