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Celebrating success continuously through the PRIDE Award!

 February 13, 2019

At Design Group, we have always believed that appreciation, praise, and recognition are essential to an outstanding working environment.  Our professionals are empowered and encouraged to regularly take a few minutes from their day to recognize a fellow colleague for a job well done. Consequently, if you are a part of Design Group, it will not be uncommon at all for you to receive e-mails, or face-to-face interactions that express appreciation and recognition. More than this, Design Group goes further through the formally instituted recognition awards, which are conducted year round.

‘We will continuously celebrate success.’

One of these formal recognition awards instituted by Design Group is PRIDE - Professionals Recognizing Individuals who Demonstrate Excellence.  The PRIDE Award is designed to recognize professionals who exemplify leadership or client development through their direct or indirect efforts.  The PRIDE Award provides professionals an opportunity to formally recognize and acknowledge peers for exceptional individual performance, positive influence and inspirational behavior. 

For our professionals, the PRIDE Award has come to be a significant moment in their journey within the firm.  Professionals are honored to be recognized by their teams and peers.  They are filled with a great sense of satisfaction in belonging to an organization that appreciates them with this unique program.  

In this blog post, we have highlighted the contributions of some of our PRIDE Award winners from this year who have exemplified the Design Group Rules of Culture.

‘We will have unconditional interest in the needs of our professionals.’

Patricia Wright

Patricia_PridePatti is an executive assistant at Design Group who has been recognized for her unrelenting attitude in ensuring a pleasant experience and a comfortable work environment for our teams and visitors in the office. Her positivity and enthusiasm are her key traits that make her a wonderful team member. Professionals who interact with her are always appreciative of her accommodating nature.

‘We will strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, professionals, and stakeholders.’

Ranson Stillwell

Ranson_PrideRanson is a Project Manager at Design Group who has been recognized for his ability to connect and build trusting relationships with team members and clients alike. He is a gifted collaborator, takes time to invest in relationships and makes everyone he interacts with feel valued. He has always been an avid learner and keen on developing his skills. One of his core strengths is his expertize in validation and regulatory compliance fields which is highly valued by the clients.

‘Our professionals are the foundation of our future; everyone is empowered to make an impact.’

Marty Jellin

Marty_PrideMarty is a Project Manager at Design Group who has been recognized for exceptional project management skills. He was instrumental in building trust in the client relationships through his efficient change management during the project. The client became highly trusting of his leadership and more confident in Design Group as a firm. He is also valued greatly amongst his team members as well since he treats them with respect and provides leadership and motivation for them to grow in their roles.

‘We will conduct ourselves with integrity in pursuit of individual and enterprise goals.’

Devin Hersey

Devin_PrideDevin is a Manager at Design Group who has been recognized for his integrity and commitment to deliver on all his projects. An expert in his domain, he delivers each task with highest quality and precision and strives for excellence on all of his projects. He has constantly exceeded client expectations on his projects and is greatly valued by the firm and, the clients.

‘We will be accountable as individuals and as a team.’

Tom Dean

Tom_PrideTom is a member of the Sales team at Design Group who has been recognized for his positive impact on the client development function. He brings optimism and positivity to the work environment, which has inspired his leaders and team members to give their best efforts. His domain knowledge; highly valued by his team, has enabled the team to facilitate large savings that are impactful both for the client and the firm.

At Design Group, we will keep sharing and celebrating these inspirational stories. We invite you to learn more about Our People and how you can join our team.

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