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 November 28, 2018

High Five Blog Series: Blog #1

Design Group understands that praise and recognition are essential to creating an outstanding work environment, and we have found over the years that this increases workplace satisfaction.  Our professionals are empowered and encouraged to regularly take a few minutes from their day to recognize a fellow colleague for a job well done. This can be a quick e-mail, a face-to-face interaction, or formally done through one of our formal recognition awards. 

One recognition program, the High Five Award, is a peer-nominated award that recognizes our professionals who go beyond their normal job responsibilities to ensure client satisfaction, and stay true to the Design Group Rules of the Culture, our guiding set of values at the core of our people-centric culture.

In this blog series, we will share the stories of several High Five award recipients across the globe, and the impact they are making to their peers and Design Group clients.

‘We will strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, professionals, and stakeholders’.

Drew Padilla High Five Award
Drew Padilla, Winner of High Five Award

Drew is one of our Senior Validation Engineers who has been recognized for his commendable efforts in building client trust. His dedication to ensure the best deliverables for the client has earned trust and good reputation for him and the firm.

He has truly put the interests of his team and the client first. He takes ownership of deliverables, and drives them to completion, all the while with a vision of growth. His outstanding work ethic, desire to learn and attitude to deliver the best makes him a great asset for the firm.

‘Growth and agility are fundamental to the culture of Design Group.’

Ambrose Seeniraj
Ambrose Seeniraj, 
Winner of High Five Award

Ambrose is one of our Lead Technical Consultants who has been recognized for his commitment to deliver quality client experience. He has been deployed in a client project for past five years and exceeded client expectations each year. Resulting which, he has received the highest customer feedback ratings for every year since.

He is always ahead on reporting and providing support for various requirements, which at times could be even beyond the scope of work. His agility in adapting and implementing new technological changes is appreciated well. His active communication with client and extended support in critical situations are highly valued by the client and Design Group leadership alike.


'Our professionals are the foundation of our future; everyone is empowered to make an impact.'

Valerie Nelke_High Five Award

Valerie Nelke, Winner of High Five Award

Valerie is one of our Procurement & Project Controls Specialists whose diligence on projects has been much appreciated by both colleagues and clients alike. She has been a great liason with service providers ensuring deliverables serving client’s best interest.

Her contribution has not been limited to her area of focus only rather she has often gone beyond expectations. Recognized as someone who constantly demonstrates ‘Design Group Rules of Culture’ in their work and being one of the  key members of the project team, Valerie’s leaders deem her as a valuable asset to organization. 

‘We will conduct ourselves with integrity in pursuit of individual and enterprise goals.’

Greg Kosoy

Greg Kosoy, Winner of High Five Award

Greg is one of our senior project engineers whose diligence and project management skills have resulted in various successful implementations. He has always been able to skillfully manage deadlines and priorities during line installations and successfully accomplish the tasks.

He has gone to lengths to exceed client expectations. The clients trust him and, the site and corporate program managers look up to him as a source of truth for status of tasks. His leadership at the client sites has been instrumental in building the client trust and expanding the Design Group presence on the site.

We will keep sharing and celebrating these inspirational stories. We invite you to learn more about Our People and how you can join our team

CTA for High Five

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