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Package Technology: Supporting Our Clients' Supply Chain Optimization

 October 03, 2018
Design Group is a premier supplier of packaging technology services to the Beverage, Food, Dairy, Home and Personal Care, Life Sciences, and Light Industrial sectors. The addition of Package Technology to our 30 years of high performance filling and packaging line solutions creates a holistic approach to our client’s package and packaging needs. Package Technology manages the material qualifications for new package innovations or changes to existing packaging materials using a phased gate process. This ensures the quality, sustainability, and consistency of the packaging material and equipment performance from production through the distribution of the product.

Design Group’s Package Technology team can provide complete program oversight or fill a specific role and complement a client’s package team with experienced professionals. Our broad package experience, together with recognized best practices and industry-accepted technologies, ensure the successful planning and execution for all of your package material needs.

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Design Group delivers extensive experience in the oversight and implementation of line trials, quality and regulatory audits, and material – machine interface for a wide range of beverage package materials with applications at rates from 200 to 2,500 cpm.


Our Package Technology expertise includes the primary, secondary, display and tertiary packaging for Snack Foods, Dairy, Baked Goods, Coffee Pods, Confections, Sauces, Dressing, Vegetables, Soups, and other consumables.

Home & Personal Care Products

Design Group provides package technology services for new package innovations and material changes to a wide variety of home, personal care and household products including: Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Wash, Cosmetics, Lotions, Deodorant, Body Spray, Toothpaste, Soap (bar and liquid), Detergents, Household Cleaners, Aerosols, and Air Fresheners.

Life Sciences

Design Group offers customized package technology services to implement packaging innovations or modifications to existing package materials that meet sterilization, FDA, and other regulatory requirements.

Types of Packaging

Primary Packaging: In immediate contact with the product – glass & polymeric bottles, cans & ends, closures, bags, pods, and more.

Secondary Packaging: Protects primary packaging; most visible – Corrugated, Paperboard, labels, overwrap films.

Display Packaging: Uses secondary and promotional packaging to maximize the visibility in the retail environment.

Tertiary Packaging: Protects goods in transit – pallets or slip sheets, overwrap (stretch), other load stabilization materials.

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