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The Design Group blog is live now!

 August 01, 2018

Design Group is excited to welcome our readers to ‘Exceptional People, Compelling Solutions-The Design Group Blog’

Why a blog?

This blog is a way for us to connect with our clients (current and new), industry peers, team members, and friends while sharing perspectives on various topics including: 

  • Relevant news and updates from engineering and IT world
  • Industry trends and best practices
  • New and innovative solutions from Design Group
  • People and culture highlights from within Design Group
  • New Career Opportunities

Why the name?

‘Exceptional People, Compelling Solutions’- This is the culture that we, as an organization, take great pride in. Our professionals are our greatest assets. Over the years, we have built a unique culture of trust and empowerment which helps us provide a unique fulfilling experience for every customer we serve. This name is a reflection of our culture and the principles we follow in every aspect of our organization.

CollaborationIn short, we have launched this platform to share our stories and views of our subject matter experts on a range of topics, hear your thoughts on the same and build a community where we can engage in meaningful conversations. 

While there is some time for the next blog to be published, take a look at the industries we serve and the solutions we provide, on the Design Group website.

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